Stephen Meagher

Senior Fire Consultant


Steve Meagher has over 40 years experience in all aspects of the ‘fire services’ industry.

He is a qualified electrician, fire services technician, special hazards technician.

He has experience in quoting all size fire services projects from minor works up to million dollar + high rise buildings & hospitals.

He often fields enquiries from all over Queensland regarding older type systems and replacement spare part configurations & installation procedures.

Having over 40 + years experience in the fire services industry, he is one of the remaining ‘original Wormald apprentices’ to attend & graduate from the “Wormald Fire Training School” in Sydney.


Electrical Mechanic

Extinguishing agent handling license

Fire services technician

High Risk work license – EWP 11 over 11m height

ACA cabling license



OBCS 2015 - Current

TYCO Fire Services (4.5yrs)

Independent Contractor (2.5yrs)

Kennedy & Middleton Pty Ltd (1.5yrs)

Brisbane Fire protection Pty Ltd (9.5yrs)

Wormald International Pty Ltd (10.5yrs)

Wormald Fire Systems Pty Ltd (11.5yrs)


In Trade Fire Services