Daniel Barwick

Hydrant Testing


Daniel has 8 years’ experience as a mechanical engineer in manufacturing plants across Australia. He owns and operates Hydraulic Testing and Certification (HTC) which stands as a leader in the fire hydrant testing and certification field.

Daniel has tested thousands of hydrants and has a sound understanding of AS2419.1, Fire Hydrant Systems.


Director and Engineer at Hydraulic Testing and Certification (June 2015 to Current)

Integrity Engineer at Orica. Dan worked at the Ammonium Nitrate manufacturing plant in Gladstone, the Chlorine Manufacturing plant in Sydney and the Ammonium Nitrate manufacturing plants in Newcastle maintaining the plant and optimising the process. (4.5 years)

Maintenance Engineer at the Kogan Creek Power station (1 year)

Maintenance Engineer at the Xstrata Zinc-Lead Smelter (1 year)


RPEQ 16239 of the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland

Chartered Professional Engineer of the Institute of Engineers Australia

Member of the Fire Protection Association (FPA) of Australia

Member of the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia (AHSCA)


Mechanical Engineering with First Class Honours from Central Queensland University


Reticulation main testing of 50 Aged Care facilities to help bring them up to compliance with MP6.2

Model calibration testing at the SE QLD water distributor processing facilities

Reticulation main and on-site testing of 40 schools across Queensland for a Queensland Government department

Testing at 17 Telecommunication site across SE Queensland

Maintenance of process plant assets in the ammonium nitrate, chlorine, power generation and lead smelting industries